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Antenne Multibande externe SMA

47.92EUR TTC
39.93EUR HT

Antenne Multibande (WiFi, 3G, 4G) professionnelle
IP65, -40~+80°C, idéal pour bornes, video surveillance

The LP900 series, a low profile mobile phone antenna designed
to meet the industrial demands on high RF-performance with
multi installation capabilities. It’s durable design and low profile
makes it ideal to use where a discrete and reliable installation
is required. The LP900 antenna is a ground plane independent
antenna enabling a wide range of installations on different
materials, perfect for M2M, WLAN and 4G applications.


  • Flexible multi band antenna:
    - 868/900/1800/1900/2100/2400/2600 MHz
  • Excellent RF-performance
  • Low profile and durable design
  • According to Industry std.
  • Ground plane independent enables easy installation
  • Different versions available:
    installation with center screw
    installation with two fixing screws with
    extra electrical isolation
  • Based upon Smarteq Wireless RF technology
  • All versions RoHS compliant>
  • Specifications

    Frequency 868-960/1710-2170/2400-2690MHz
    Impedance Nominal 50 ohm
    Polarization Linear vertical
    VSWR Low Band <2.5:1
    High Band <2.5:1
    Gain 868-960 MHz 0dBd (2,15 dBi)
    1710-2170 MHz 2dBd (4,15dBi)
    2400-2690 MHz 1dBd (3,15dBi)
    Max Power 10W
    DC short antenna
    Ground plane independent
    Extra electrical isolation according to SS-EN 61010 for LP901 and LP902
    Dimension LP902: 140x52x45mm (LxWxH)
    Weight ~100g
    Installation LP900 & LP901: 2 fixing screws
    LP902: center screw mount
    Max. material thickness 3,5
    Installation hole diameter 16-19mm
    Cable RG316
    Connector SMA(m), other on request
    Material ASA, PC/ABS
    Color Grey, black on request
    Water ingress LP902: IP65, when installed
    Product No1m cable LP902G-10-01-01
    EnvironmentalTemperature -40°C to +85°C

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